"Hover Bench" : Metal & Wood - 2017
"There is no question in mind, she was unwelcome in this body during her lifetime. Yet she strove to become the beauty of which most desired, but this did not leave her immune to the paroles that come with life. Fucked, molested, and abused, she was both the oppressor and oppressed. In one violent grope of his hand to her clit, he covered her mouth, and said, ‘I heal you.’ Now she’s dead. We honor her today. In memory of her better parts. May she Rest In Pieces, You motherfuckers."
Plaster cast, wood, spray paint, industrial plumbing chord, screws, words - 2017
"Untitled" : Found objects, fruit / Balancing sculptor - 2017
"Loop Holes" : Plaster mold, rotten watermelon, found industrial pipe chords - 2018
"Transforming DNA Dysphoria" : Welded & Manipulated Metal, String, Mounted Ipad & Headphones - 2018
"Pain-ted Time // A Healing House" : Acrylic on found wood, found wood, herbs, cement molds, sound, mirror fragments, found objects - 2018
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